B2B Ecommerce Platform Comparison: Shopify vs StoreHippo

Let’s make it easy for you by presenting you the most important features of Shopify and StoreHippo! Here is the b2b ecommerce platform comparison!  

Are you one of those business owners who runs a wholesale business and is looking for a chance to explore new markets and attract more customers? If you are, the first thing you need to look for is a b2b ecommerce platform that can help you establish an online presence.

There are lots of b2b ecommerce solutions available, meaning, you need to find one that is suitable to take your wholesale business online.

Have you determined the key features of the b2b ecommerce platform you are considering? You might consider two of the best platforms on the market – Shopify and StoreHippo. They are the most popular and leading platform solutions in this sector. If these two are your final options, you need to compare them and pick the best one. We want to make things easier for you.

We have already evaluated the most important features of Shopify and StoreHippo. Here is the b2b ecommerce platform comparison that can help you make the right choice:

  • Design customization – Beautiful store design goes a long way in building your brand identity. B2B customers are expecting a beautiful and professionally-designed store. In order to create such store, you need to invest some time and money in designing and branding the store. With Shopify, you can design your store by using one of the many templates and themes available. You can use the readymade themes that align with your brand image. With StoreHippo, customizing your b2b store is super easy. You can choose custom photos and make changes to the design template.
  • Multi-store facility – This feature has a great advantage when you are targeting location-specific businesses. When using Shopify, you will need multiple applications to implement the multi-store feature. Depending on your needs, you can choose from different multi-store applications. StoreHippo, has a built-in multi store option that comes with a single dashboard for controlling the multi-front online stores.
  • White Labelling – Creating a brand recognition becomes easy if your b2b ecommerce solution offers the white labeling option. With Shopify, you can create brand visibility by using external apps that help in promoting your business. StoreHippo offers white-labeling for your brand promotion and allows you to showcase your brand name across different channels.

By considering these features, you can save time and effort when choosing a b2b ecommerce solution.

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