The Ultimate Battle of Enterprise Top B2B Platforms

Which b2b ecommerce solution is best for my enterprise? Here are the most popular and top b2b platforms to consider!

Choosing an enterprise b2b platform solution is not easy. The businesses are looking for the best solutions to secure their portion of the market, before it is too late.

When choosing such platform, you need to ask – Which B2B ecommerce solution is best for my enterprise or how can I find the best one for the job?

The top b2b platforms for enterprises are Magento Enterprise, Shopify Enterprise, and Demandware. All of these platforms come with great features.




  • Magento Enterprise – This solution is considered to be the big brother to Magento Community edition. This solution offers a full page caching, personalization, and a swag of sales, and lots of other features. Magento is one of the largest suppliers of ecommerce software in the world, with around 30% market share while Magento Enterprise is positioned on the market so that it is suitable and affordable enough for any merchant to consider. It is powerful enough to meet the needs of your enterprise. Organizations such as Nike and others are using Magento Enterprise.
  • Shopify Enterprise – This is a relatively new upgrade that Shopify has bought out so they can compete with Magento Enterprise. This b2b platform solution is designed to give the users a full enterprise power without the troubles, complications or development bills that are usually related to it. From what we can see, it looks like Shopify Enterprise can become a powerful contender in the near feature. One of the biggest challenges of this ecommerce solution is that enterprises usually like to access their source code and this is something Shopify Enterprise can’t help you out with. This solution is perfect for start-up merchants who want to make extra efforts and push harder.
  • Demandware – This b2b ecommerce platform solution is suitable for small enterprises. The only downside is that it is a little bit expensive, however, you will get a fast, well-built, and responsive framework. If this is something you want to accomplish and the price is not a big problem for you, Demandware is a great platform to consider. It integrates well with other enterprise software and provides incredible solutions to many POS issues that merchants might encounter.

Compare, analyze, and make the right choice! Share your final decision in the comment section below.


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